Alte & Beyond

The ideal adventure for hungry souls who wish to see as much of the Algarve as they possibly can!

Before we set out on our amazing 50-60kms quad biking tour, we begin with a full guidance and safety tuition to ensure that everyone is entirely comfortable with their quad and ready for adventure! Once everyone is confident and familiar with their vehicle, we will set off.

Your adventure begins with a quick tour around Moinho do Leitão, a traditional windmill. Following that, we mount our quad bikes and head through quiet country laneways and snake our way to a cute little farm to learn about the local herbs and spices. We can try their refreshing homemade tea and different honeys and say hello to the little goats.

After a quick visit and some great photo opportunities we will travel along some dirt roads and head up into the mountains. Driving through the local villages and farms you will get the opportunity to see some charming fruit and vegetable plantations.

Soon after we will drive through Alte, which is described as one of the most beautiful villages in the Algarve – and arguably, in the world! We will then ascend the highest point in the area and stop for a look over the surrounding countryside, before we head back into the village for a delicious local Piri Piri Chicken lunch at a traditional local restaurant.  As easy and relaxing as quad biking is, you’ll be surprised by how hungry you’ll be by this point!

Once you’ve had your fill, we’ll jump back on the quads and descend back to Alte where you’ll be able to spend a little time exploring this truly remarkable Village. In the wintertime we visit the waterfall and in the summer there is the option to stop at the natural springs at Alte for a refreshing swim. The “Fonte Grande” (Big Spring) and the “Fonte Pequena” (Little Spring), are a favourite spot in the region, with their crystal-clear waters that come from the stream which gives them their name. For centuries, these waters, fed by the Fonte Grande, provided a source of water for the village and surrounding fields.

Heading off from Alte into the agricultural belt of the area we continue our adventure; this is when the fun continues, and the adrenaline kicks in with some great off-road tracks and river crossings!

Soon after we will arrive back at home base for a well-deserved drink to unwind, and share memories which will last a lifetime – the perfect way to wrap up an amazing quad biking adventure!

It may sound like there’s a lot of stopping, but fear not, there is tonnes of quad biking in between! Trust us, you’ll welcome a little respite and gladly immerse yourself in the remarkable scenery.

NOTE: Tour route may change due to weather conditions, group preferences and riding abilities.

Tour info: 50km – 60km riding, approx. 4 – 5 hours

This tour allows you to truly immerse yourselves in the quad biking experience, with an action-packed day full of awe and laughter.

If, however, 50-60kms sounds like it might be a bit too much for you – and if you’re travelling with children under 12, or elder family members – then we invite you to check out the Adventure Tracks Quad Biking Tour, for a less-strenuous though by no means diluted adventure.

In any case, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our 50-60km routes are well-optimized and offer a wealth of distractions and stunning photo opportunities to keep everyone engaged. We will also make a point of stopping regularly to allow you to rest and simply soak in the views.

What's included?

  • 50-60kms of breath-taking quad bike action
  • Full guidance and safety tuition
  • Local farm visit
  • Stop at Alte waterfall or at the natural spring
  • Experience the Algarve like never before
  • A friendly and knowledgeable tour guide
  • Fuel
  • Safety helmet & goggles
  • Plenty of amazing photo opportunities
  • Drinking water throughout the tour
  • Personal accident and liability insurance
  • Local lunch and 1 drink at a traditional restaurant

How Much Does It Cost?

  • 1 person per quad: €145
  • 2 people per quad: €185
  • Free for children 10 years and younger (We will apply the one person per quad price to your booking so €145 for an adult and child). Children 11 years and older are considered an adult.

Security deposit
A cash deposit of € 200 per quad is required at check-in, paid on the spot before the activity starts, and is refunded at the end of the activity.
The deposit will not be refunded if safety and conduct rules are not followed or the driver causes damage to the vehicle due to negligence or irresponsible driving.

Or opt for our optional comprehensive add-on damage insurance and you are all covered.

Scheduled Tour Times – Summer (April – September)

  • Wednesday: 10:00 – 14:00

Tour Times – Winter (October- March)

During the winter it gets dark relatively early, so we no longer run tours which finish at 6pm. At this time or year, we start tours at 10am. If you would like to book during these months, please let us know a few possible dates suit you and we will provide you with our schedule.

As the weather can be a little unpredictable, we recommend you book your tour at the beginning of your holiday just in case the weather conditions get too rough and we need to reschedule.

  • Full valid driving car licence is required (drivers only). You must have this with you on tour and please note we do not accept provisional licences.
  • We provide helmets, plenty of water, and always have a first-aid kit on hand. This means you don’t need to bring much!
  • We do recommend that you wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and suitable footwear.
  • Personal belongings can be taken on tour as we do have a safety box on one of the quads, but we ask you only take the bare essentials (wallet/purse & sun cream). Space is limited inside the box so if possible, please just bring a small bag and keep things to a minimum.
  • In the summer months, there is the opportunity for a swim in the natural pool (Fonte Grande de Alte) before lunch, so if you like to go in for a refreshing dip, bring your swimmers and a towel.
  • We do not take responsibility for any lost belongings, so we strongly advise that any valuables are left at home or in your hotel to be on the safe side.
  • We recommend closed-in / covered toes shoes or sneakers. Flip flops or sandals are OK to wear provided you are careful – please leave the high heels at home on this occasion!
  • We recommend that you wear sunglasses.
  • It can also get incredibly dusty at times, so don’t wear your best clothes.
  • We advise that you apply your sun cream before you arrive to give it a chance to absorb.
  • We don’t recommend wearing dresses or skirts as it can be uncomfortable while riding on the quad, and remember you can get burned easily by the sun and wind, so we recommend to cover up a bit.

Do You Require More Information?

If you’d like to know more, or you have a specific question regarding our services, you can either refer to our extensive FAQs section, or alternatively, you can contact us directly.