Clean & Safe Portugal

Turismo de Portugal have issued Quad Ventura LDA with the Clean & Safe certification in recognition of good hygiene practices and implementing the full recommended guidelines as instructed by the World Health Organization, and the Portuguese DGS for COVID-19.

This internationally recognised certificate ensures that we operate in an exceptionally safe environment and go to great lengths to ensure our customers have the lowest possible risk of injury or infection.

Clean & Safe Portugal

When we come to collect you prior to your tour, you will be expected to disinfect your hands with the sanitizer that we provide, before getting into the jeep.

You will also be required to bring your own masks, as these must be worn whilst travelling to and from our base, as we will be in close proximity of one another en-route.

Don’t worry, you will not be required to wear these masks whilst on the quad bike tour, we will leave that decision to you. Of course, you are more than welcome to do so if it makes you feel more comfortable. Besides the obvious, facemasks also provide great protection from the sun & dust, of which there will be an abundance!

Additionally, the jeep, quads, helmets, and any another equipment that you will come into contact with will be thoroughly sanitised and disinfected after each use, for your safety and convenience.

Please note that for operational, climatic, and health & safety reasons, Quad Ventura reserves the right to close or cancel our tours without prior notice; or change services, routes, or sights accordingly. This will only ever be done so in your best interest, so we ask for your full cooperation in such an event. We do warn that such an occurrence will not result in any discount or refund of the paid tour price. These are extreme and unlikely circumstances.


ATTENTION: If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19, we ask that you do not take part in our tours. This is for the good and safety of yourself, your fellow tour companions, and our employees. If you are seen to exhibit any symptoms that indicate COVID-19 infection, we will be obligated to suspend the tour immediately and advise that you seek medical attention.

We greatly appreciate your corporation, for the safety of all parties involved.

Any of these measures / rules may change without notice, according to the evolution of the pandemic and guidelines dictated by the authorities. We will update this information accordingly.

Clean & Safe Portugal