G’day, Hallo & Olá,

After having spent 15 wonderful years working, living and travelling through South East Asia, we decided that we were ready for a change, and that it was time to pursue new challenges. Thus, in 2015, we bought a campervan and travelled extensively through Southern Europe.

During our adventures we had the great pleasure of visiting many incredible destinations, though it was Portugal that stood out for us immediately.

We fell in love with the diverse cultural tapestry that spans several millennia; we felt an instant connection the beautiful, friendly locals; and of course, we found the Portuguese cuisine to be irrefutably delicious and far too good to pass up!

Fast forward 5 years to today and with great excitement our family are now living in the Algarve and we’re ready to start the latest chapter in our lives: Quad Ventura.

Soon after having realised that we wanted Portugal to be our new home, we discovered Quad Ventura, which was founded and established by Claire and Rory.

Team Quad Ventura

Like us, Claire and Rory had itchy feet and were looking outwards for a new adventure – so , the timing couldn’t have been better!

We spoke extensively and despite being from vastly different backgrounds, our kindred spirits and hunger for adventure brought us together (such is the magic of travel: you get to meet the most amazing people)!

Naturally, we explored many different options, but much like the way that Portugal stood out for us during our travels, it was Quad Ventura which resonated with us on a deeper level. It is the embodiment of adventure and attracts the type of customer that we can wholeheartedly relate to…those hungry with wanderlust and a desire for out of the box experiences.

We are eager and excited to meet Claire and Rory’s many, valued repeat customers, as well as greeting new travellers to this wonderful corner of the world.

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Cheers & see you all soon,
Mark & Simone

Mark - Tour Leader

Owner / Tour Leader

Mark is your Australian guide. He’s fun, friendly, and deeply knowledgeable when it comes to quad biking and exploring. Having grown up in the rural mountain parts of Australia, he’s been riding motorbikes and quad bikes all his life. His passion about history, local traditions, and off-the-beaten track routes position him ideally to provide you…

Simone | QuadVentura

Owner / Administration

Simone is the behind the scenes co-ordinator, administrator, and is responsible for all things design. You could say that she’s the brains behind the operation, but don’t let Mark hear you say that! She will be your first point of contact when booking a tour, whether it’s through email or over the phone. Having travelled…